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Designer: Davide De Angelis Visual Alchemy

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Is there a problem, issue or situation that is really getting in the way of you moving forward and experiencing the life you truly deserve?

This could be set around:

Your Work, Business - Offering Your Gifts to the World

Your Relationships and Connections

Your Health, Vitality and Sense of Well Being

The sad truth is that most people simply become skilled at tolerating things that waste huge amounts of time and energy - time and energy that could be moving them towards their goals and dreams.

If you can relate to what I’ve just said, it’s important to realise that once a pattern is stuck on repeat, it can seem almost impossible to break. This leads to anxiety, regret and a sense that life is working against you.

I invite you to think about the cost - the real cost, physically, mentally and spiritually - of sitting on something that's getting in your way.

Once you can see the real cost, I'd like you to imagine how you would feel if you not only had a powerful solution to your current problem, but also understood the dynamics of turning problems into amazing opportunities.

Imagine having all the time and energy you spend ‘managing’ this issue available to concentrate on what really matters.

Think about how you would be available to show up for the opportunities and possibilities that are actually present for you.

Think about how you would be available to show up for the people you love and care about.

You see, over the years, I’ve personally coached and guided literally hundreds of amazing people - thousands if you include my online courses, books and workshops - to live a life that’s fully creatively expressed.

During that time, probably twenty years, I’ve witnessed how a powerful solution to an ongoing situation can utterly transform a persons life on all levels. 

As well as being an award-winning designer, artist and product creator, I have also dedicated most of my adult life to discovering the most powerful and effective ways to elevate and enrich the experience to being alive. This journey has led me to train with some of the most incredible teachers, shamans, energy masters and experts in psychology and human potential. It has led me to write best selling books on how we can enhance our consciousness to embrace the magical and most beautiful aspects of reality.

I come to the table with the unshakeable belief that you are absolutely astonishing and miraculous. 

My vast experience of working with a huge diversity of people and situations, coupled with all the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained over the course of a lifetime of exploration, has given me an amazing ability to see deep into situations and understand the energy and dynamics of what’s happening.

This experience has gifted me the ability to what I call ‘Alchemize’ problems - literally transmute their energy into the highest possibility.

The process of these sessions is both magical and incredibly practical at the same time.

We literally work together to reveal what you need to do and open a potent path forward for you.

You come away with a grater understanding, the ‘bigger picture’, so that you no longer fall back into the same or similar patterns.

So now...let me I remind you to once again consider the real cost of holding on to a problem that’s sapping your vitality and costing you dearly on other levels.

In many ways, if there is something getting in your way, working with a skilled guide and coach who intimately understands the key principles of creating change and amazing possibilities, should be a no-brainer.

Finally, I invite you to take action now and open the door to the next enriching phase of your life.

This is work I truly love, I consider it sacred work! I wanted to make it affordable in these challenging times, and importantly as we approach a New Year, whilst still honouring the amazing value and phenomenal benefits these sessions offer. It's great to begin a fresh year free of issues that you absolutely don't want to carry across.

I would normally charge $197 USD for a 30-minute one-to-one session, but I've decided to offer it out at $157 USD for a full one-hour - possibly more if necessary.

If you are on my mailing list or a member of my Starcatcher Academy Group, you will also have a 20% discount available. So we get to tackle that problem for $125 USD!

But as you can imagine, I can only offer a very limited amount of these sessions, so you will need to take action now to secure your session.

Each session is conducted online in the comfort of your own home.

Once you have paid for your session, my PA, Maria will contact you to arrange a date and time that works for you.

It’s time to give yourself the gift of being free of what’s getting in the way of the life you are here to create. 

Be Creative