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EYE OF THE STAR 2nd Limited Edition

Designer: Davide De Angelis Visual Alchemy


Look into the eyes of The Starman.


Limited Edition 2


A unique opportunity to own two pieces of iconic, historically significant Art.

Please note: the first Limited Edition of five I offered sold out within hours, so you will need to act quickly to secure one of these unique works of art, intimately connected to the astonishing David Bowie. 


Back in 1997 when I was working with Bowie, he visited my studio in North London to brain storm some creative ideas for an art show.

As we sat together, flicking through books and sketching out various streams of thought, I had a strong urge to create something using his extraordinary asymmetric eyes.

Bowie was both a ferocious innovator and also totally up for experimenting with ideas. So, in the moment, I grabbed my camera and attached the most powerful macro lens I could find in the studio. I have always loved taking ultra close-up shots of various forms and patterns in nature, and using them to create powerful works of art.

Bowie’s eyes were indeed a very powerful form of nature - eye-conic - even :)

As Bowie crouched by a large window in order to catch the light in his eyes, I shot several rolls of film with the lens practically touching each eye as I worked. The whole thing was really just an exploration, playing with possibilities.

As it turned out, we never used these particular images. And in the mix of time and events, the films strips developed from these informal photographs, taken in my studio way back in 1997, sat forgotten in a storage box simply labelled 1997. This box literally waited patiently like a time capsule in various storage units around the world for over 20 years, until March 2022, when I was sorting through a bunch of materials, searching for a sketchbook from 1997.

As fate would have it, I never found the sketchbook, however, as soon as I opened the unassuming card envelope where the film strips had lived and lifted them out, I clearly understood that I had unearthed something far more significant. It came to me to create something with them that reflected where I’m at now - joining the past with the present and opening a portal to the future.

The result is a project called 'EYE OF THE STAR'

The images have emerged out of these eye shots are very powerful, moving and constantly surprising.

The first Limited Edition of five sold out instantly!

So for October 2022, I am releasing a further two EYE OF THE STAR Limited Editions, with just five of each image created. This is Number 2.

Printed to the highest museum quality on specialist art paper, signed and dated.

As I said, there are only five of each artwork ever!

This is an amazing opportunity to own a piece of art directly connected to the astonishing energy of Bowie himself.

The Limited Edition comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Print size: 380mm X 380mm square printed area with a 50mm boarder.

Free Shipping Internationally by secure currier.