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Designer: Davide De Angelis Visual Alchemy

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We are indeed travelling through very ’Interesting Times’. 

No matter what you think about the conflagration of conflicting viewpoints, fearful stories and general uncertainty, you simply must stay focused on your highest potential and most beautiful dreams; what you actually wish to create: the connections you want to nourish and build: the world you would love to experience. 

When faced with enormous uncertainty, there is a tendency to hold back, to refrain from expressing ideas fully and openly. Within the seeming chaos of the world, it appears that ideas, projects and fresh visions cannot be realised, or at best, once birthed, will fall upon deaf ears and disappear within the maelstrom of things demanding greater attention.

In such circumstances, a wise and creative thing to do is seek wisdom, guidance and insight from a higher perspective, a more radiant energy. Indeed you need to be tuned into something that has the power and capacity to reveal what most needs to be seen, to show you where you will loose or give away your valuable life-power and time. 

Over the coming months, the ability to see with clarity which path ahead carries the most light for you, the most abundant, joyful possibilities, will be of tremendous value. To understand patterns that will play out and to be prepared and ready to embrace opportunities will give you tremendous confidence. 

It’s absolutely crucial to keep in mind that challenges also present amazing openings for transformation and evolution.

In this three hour Masterclass I will work with the Starman Tarot to reveal and clarify the patterns encrypted into the flow of reality over the coming months. I will guide you into this stream of Visual Alchemy in order to shape your own very personal Path of Light.

You will notice what stands out for you. You will intuitively receive the information you most need. The cards speak to each person that encounters them in a unique way. The process is always very magical and sits way beyond logic to explain.

I see the tarot, and in this instance, the Starman Tarot as a ‘Living System’ - a dynamic flow of opening questions and paths of evolution. It very much has its own will and directive energy. Essentially, as its creator, or more accurately, the mind and body through which it chose to arise, my job is to allow, to focus, to remain present and use my own experience, power of vision and lived wisdom to interpret what is gifted by the cards and offer this out to you.  

Alongside exploring the wisdom and energy of the Starman Tarot, I will take you through a number of ‘Art’ experiments and other methods of enquiry in order to give you a vaster scope of understanding and clarity.

IMPORTANT: There is no need to own the Starman Tarot, everything you need will be presented in the Masterclass and accompanying materials.

IMPORTANT: There is no need to have any prior knowledge of the Tarot in order to fully participate and benefit from the Masterclass.

You can expect a very powerful and enlightening experience. gaining understanding and the ability to embrace your life fully in the coming months!

I’d be delighted if you decide to join me on Tuesday, February 15th and discover the Path of Light.



All details of how to join will be sent via email well in advance.

Also everything will be recorded and made available to all participants, so no need to be concerned about missing anything!