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THE CREATIVE PROFITS ELIXIR Triple Masterclass series

Designer: Davide De Angelis Visual Alchemy

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Triple Masterclass series


8th-9th-10th September 2021 at 7.30pm UK 6.30pm UTC

This Masterclass Series is three live events!

But it doesn't matter where you are in the world because everything will be recorded and made available to all participants!

Let me ask you some powerful questions

Your answers and what you do as a result, has the power to radically transform your life, fundamentally how you show up in the world. 

Would you love to feel that you understand how to connect your creativity to the energy of making money? 

* Are you a Creative Entrepreneur who is ready to liberate the phenomenal abundance that your ideas contain? 

* What would it mean to be able to turn your creative ideas - your artistry - directly into highly profitable products that sell globally?

* How would it feel to receive guaranteed royalty payments every year from publishing and licensing deals?

* What new things would be possible if your ideal clients actually contacted you with lucrative work and commissions, instead of you always chasing after the next pitch or potential project?

I invite you to imagine the freedom and sense of ease that a constant flow of financial abundance from your creativity would give you! 

Imagine feeling that you are finally in control of your full creative expression and your ability to powerfully connect with and inspire your audience. 

In this information-packed and wisdom-rich triple Masterclass sessions - each lasting 2.5 hours  (a total of 7.5 hours of high end coaching and training), I guide you through every aspect of how to turn your creative gifts into multiple streams of income. 

* I will walk you through the dynamics of how to connect your creative ideas to the energy and process of generating money - basically establishing the value of what you do.

* You will be guided step by step through the process of securing publishing and licensing deals for your creative work. This will give you an amazing sense of security, no longer having to constantly start from scratch.  

* I will literally give you the exact structure and layout of how to totally wow publishers and jump past the crowds of people competing for their attention. I will share my own real life examples of exactly what I did to make this happen and get much higher royalties than most creators ever get.

* You will learn how to hold onto the rights that will allow you to continue profiting from your ideas year after year. You get paid again and again for your original creations with complete freedom to diversify and invent new ways to offer your exciting things to your audience.

* You will discover how to create your own products, and crucially, how to then structure and offer them to a global audience, without the need to retain any stock, deal with manufacturers or distribution. This gives you amazing scope and a crazy high profit margins.

I will guide you through exactly how to approach your ideal clients, so that they feel compelled to work with you. This is a real, learnable skill that few if any creative entrepreneurs ever master. You will be 99.9% ahead of the field with just this one set of instructions.

You will learn how to set everything up so that you experience phenomenal freedom and sense of ease. You can literally run your business from anywhere with an internet connection.


This is about transcending the struggle, moving into a space where you can concentrate fully on what you do best, which is being creative and serving your audience with greater and greater aspects of your gifts and talents.

You will come away with a very clear and precise understanding of how to turn your own experience and wisdom into profitable teaching products. I’ll show you how it’s done and show you how to bring this to life in the most inspiring and enjoyable way.

You will become part of a growing community - indeed a ‘movement’ - of creative entrepreneurs who are literally performing creative alchemy - turning their creativity into a flow of abundance. This is going to become increasingly valuable as you progress on your path. 

Over the coming months, this community will be growing and growing and you will discover the the joy of being connected to a group of highly motivated and inspired people who are holding a space for you to flourish and achieve your most wildest dreams.  

And on top of all these incredible materials, I will teach you how to embrace the mindset and the energy of someone who is on mission and fully in their power and passion. 

The Creative Profits Elixir Masterclass Series is an astonishing opportunity to learn directly from someone who has made the journey and achieved phenomenal results. This is the first time I have revealed all my strategies and techniques for creating true abundance on all levels to my audience. You will literally come away with an education in how to establish a highly successful creative-led business that will have the capacity to sustain and enrich your life through the inevitable uncertainty that lies ahead. 

This is a real and meaningful investment in your creativity, your artistic spirit and your future. What you learn on this Masterclass series will serve you for the rest of your life, ensuring that you get to live and create on your terms. 

You will be working on your business and seeing results from the start of the series. This is about igniting you into empowered, and highly effective actions. 

Basically, this masterclass series is rooted in absolute practicality. Each session will present you with specific tasks to action so that you quickly gain momentum and feel the energy of seeing yourself on the right path to abundance.

All the presentations are recorded so that you will have full access to this valuable material whenever you wish. 

Additionally, you will receive a powerful workbook filled with all the knowledge and wisdom I share in the series. You will receive example templates of how to present your ideas, so that you know exactly how to make this happen. 

I will not be offering this level of training at this price again! The highly valuable training, guidance and structure you are getting in the Creative Profits Elixir series is worth literally thousands of dollars. You will have direct access to knowledge and experience that it has taken me more than thirty years to acquire. This is your unique opportunity to step up and make a powerful investment in both your education and the life you absolutely want to create.

All this astonishing training, guidance and support is available to you for just $197 USD if you take action NOW!

I can safely say that you will not get this level of coaching from someone with direct experience anywhere else.

You get the full Masterclass series - that’s three 2.5 hour information-packed and wisdom-rich Live Masterclasses, and you get all the recordings to keep and rewatch wherever you want.

You get the powerful workbook along with highly valuable templates for structuring your proposals and communications with publishers and organisations that will licence your ideas. 

You get a complete set of all the training slides.

You get the full audio recordings in MP3 format so that you can listen and work through things using your workbook wherever you are.

You get to be part of a vibrant, inspirational community of Creative Entrepreneurs that will support, enrich and motivate you as you grow and flourish.

There will also be additional prises and also bonus surprises as we progress through the series.

This is a complete no-brainer for any creative entrepreneur who is serious about creating financial abundance and building a powerful presence in the world.

This is the most full and comprehensive Masterclass series I’ve ever offered. I’m totally here to give you everything you need to make extraordinary things happen with your creativity. I truly believe that in the uncertain times to come, it is absolutely crucial that you get out there and have the means to generate financial abundance, support the people you love and get the recognition you absolutely deserve.

It takes focus and commitment, but when you know exactly what you need to do, and have the guidance and support to make sure you stay on track. Things really transform quickly.

In saying yes to this opportunity, you have made a potent declaration to your success.

Everything is right there for you to take advantage of.

Now it’s up to you!


“Davide’s work is potent visual alchemy”

David Bowie

All details, advance materials and how to join the Masterclasses will be sent to all participants aprox five days before the first session.

Everything will be recorded and made available to every participant!