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Designer: Davide De Angelis Visual Alchemy

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The CREATIVE ALCHEMY MASTERCLASS has become something of a legend. Created originally as two live Zoom masterclasses, demand became so great that Davide has now created this expanded and enhanced video masterclass version.

If you are a 'creative' professional - be it a designer, musician, artist, writer, photographer, film maker or a creative-led business owner - this masterclass will empower and instruct you on how to radically redefine your approach to creating a high level of success and fulfilment.

In these challenging and often chaotic times, all creatives looking to have a real impact, enjoy financial success and to ultimately practice their art fully, need to know the dynamic lessons and powerful principles contained within this masterclass.   

Davide De Angelis guides you through this visually rich, wisdom packed learning experience, crafted to give you priceless knowledge and practical understanding of how to be the very best you can be.

Davide will show you how to avoid and transform the energy-draining belief patterns and restrictive conventions that will keep you playing small and constantly struggling.

You will learn how to thrive in the face of adversity, moving past setbacks, transforming obstacles into opportunities. Davide will show you how you can become powerful and effective in whatever situation you are in. 

You will discover a very 'magical' and beautiful way of bringing 'astonishing' ideas and possibilities to life in highly inspiring and unique ways. You will learn how to work on a level that appears to be magical to those unaware of these principles.

Davide will guide you through the process of transforming your relationship to money and how it relates to your creativity. You will intimately understand how he turned his creativity into a powerful presence, attracting a range of mind-blowing clients and artistic collaborations, leading to lucrative art sales and best-selling products that command a global audience. And you will discover how to set this process in motion for your own creative ventures.

Ultimately, Davide will guide you through what you will need to practice and focus on in order to fully actualize your own creative dreams and ambitions. 

The emphasis of the Masterclass is to move you into action and give you the tools you need to really have a lot of fun, inspire others and enjoy the abundance of sharing your ideas: ultimately the art of turning your gifts and talents into physical and emotional gold - CREATIVE ALCHEMY.

What you will get for your investment:

  • Two content rich video presentations, each one hour and forty five minutes long - a total of two hours and ninety minutes of high end coaching, guidance and support. 
  • The full Creative Power System book in pdf format.
  • A highly valuable resources document, in pdf format, to help you expand your knowledge and expertise.
  • The full Secrets of the Money Shamans book in pdf format.
  • The full Dynamic Love mindfulness instruction book in pdf format.

I have now added the full 2h 20mins Money Shaman Masterclass to this package, so you get a whole extra Masterclass of powerful and transformation tuition. 

"Davide's work is potent, visual alchemy"

David Bowie