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Designer: Davide De Angelis



By Davide De Angelis

I’ve been creating what Bowie described as ‘Visual Alchemy’ practically all my life. 

For whatever reason, I could see deeply into the world, to life - reality - and witness the flow of energy and the intelligence of light that underpinned literally everything. 

It made perfect sense to represent this intelligent energy in the form of art. In fact, synchronistically, I actually first met Bowie when I was just ten years old. He visited a restaurant my Father managed in Soho, London, and there I was sitting at the back drawing a picture of the energy flow I was seeing. It’s a little bit of history now that Bowie sat and added his own rendition to what I had created. Here it is…

With my fascination - well... obsession - with discovering how we can live and create with enhanced energy and tap into the magical seed of life, I have used art to help solidify and bring that possibility to life.

In fact, I used this way of manifesting energy to help me reconnect with Bowie as an adult and collaborate creatively with him for over seven years.

In many ways, what I call ‘True Magic’ is very simple and direct. The mind, twisting around on itself makes things complicated and hides our true nature and possibility.

Through decades of practice and tireless experimentation, I am now able to amplify the energy flow of a life-affirming desire for a person who would love to bring a dream or possibility to life.

This can focus on more or less any area of their life - increasing physical vitality and opening to healing, relationships and of course work and career - bringing ideas to life in the most powerful and optimised way.

As I said, this process is in fact both easy and also very delightful and magical. Once I check in to my own energy and confirm that what this person desires will be beneficial for not only them, but the greater good of all beings, I am able to shape an artistic representation of the realisation of that desire.

I call this process ‘Spirit Technology’ - I’ve written about this in my books and shared it in many of my teachings and workshops. 

In the simplest of terms, you tell me what you wish to amplify the radiant energy of life towards and I will create a work of art that acts as a powerful tuning instrument to assist in its fullest realisation and expression.

When placed in your home or wherever you spend time, this piece of Spirit Technology will transmit that spiritual frequency and constantly bring your own living frequency into alignment with it.

Yes, that is it! The absolute mystery and majesty of reality sits beyond words and rational understanding. We come to know it through a deeper, more primal faculty. Something that our contemporary culture has educated us into forgetting. 

Just as a point of interest, I have used this ability to create  brands for many people to align their business with a higher possibility. Please contact me if you would like to explore this possibility.

These activating artworks are a wonder-filled gift to give yourself, or for that matter, someone you love and want to help them create something. As I said above, I always check in and make absolutely sure that whatever is being asked for will serve at the highest level. I ask the radiant intelligence to confirm. If a person’s wish comes from a genuine desire to bring goodness and the embodiment of love into reality, I feel a very tangible flow of ecstatic energy travel up my spine and into my head, dispersing into my mind. From time to time, I am guided to help someone fine-tune their wish to fully align with their energy potential in this life.   

These artworks are very much ‘living’ creations and will only ever work to bring your absolute good and highest potential to life. This is the entire purpose of all my creative work; to see the flourishing of an astonishing potential, to evoke joy and a true sense of wonder.

Once we move towards the magical aspect of life, we begin to see this magic everywhere.

These Alchemy Artworks are a very powerful investment! They are potent energy amplifiers - a form of what I call 'SPIRIT TECHNOLOGY' and a DECLARATION to your highest possibility. They make an amazing gift to yourself or someone you love.   

Size of the art I work to, not including the frames:

500mm X 500mm - aprox 19.5 inch X 19.5 inch - $2470

Larger scale works can be arranged. Please contact Davide to discuss.

Once the payment for your Alchemy artwork has been processed, Davide's PA Maria will be in touch by email with the details of how to send Davide the desire you wish to actualise - and so this magical process is set in motion. Please note that if needed, a direct conversation with Davide can be arranged, some people find it easier with a live connection. 

This powerful and transformative work actually begins the instant you pay for your art.

FREE  SHIPPING. We ship globally door to door by secure international courier.


Davide is a visionary artist, award winning designer and bestselling author. From an early age he has been able to see and read energy patterns, and powerfully visualise and communicate what is revealed to him through art, written words, and sound.

He has been fascinated and deeply involved in the field of human potential, healing modalities and regenerative practices that elevate consciousness for more than 35 years, having spent over a decade training and honing his abilities with shamans and energy masters from both East and West. He has travelled extensively, engaging with the art, cosmologies and mystery traditions of many diverse cultures and weaves these experiences into his art and the teachings he offers.

Over the years, as a highly successful designer and art director he has worked with some of the most innovative companies and leaders in the world, including Apple, Virgin, Sony, and for seven years with the iconic David Bowie, creating album art, fine art, and a diverse range of creative projects.


Davide art directing Bowie in the 90's

"Davide's work is potent visual alchemy"

David Bowie

He is the creator of the Starman Tarot, a global bestseller, infused with the creative ideas and explorations from his collaborations with Bowie.

Davide's book, The Guiding Principle, detailing a series of powerful spiritual communications he received became an Amazon bestseller in 2012. And as a direct result of these energy downloads, his work as what Bowie described as a ‘Visual Alchemist’ – creating art that transmit powerful energy - has become central to his life purpose.

His ability to bring about deep vitalising and healing transformations, working directly with people to create unique works of art, unites everything he has been guided to explore and practice. In essence, art that transcends passive decoration, to become an evoking presence in the world.

David Bowie was an avid collector of Davide’s art, alongside many prominent art collectors around the world. His work has been exhibited in The Museum of Modern Art, The Tate Gallery and The Centre Pompidou. He has also produced several pieces of collaborative works with Bowie that were exhibited in Cork Street, London and the Venice Biennale.

“I believe with a passion that beauty and the power of the creative spirit can literally save the world. The time has come for art (visual and sound) to weave a new form of magic and wonder into our reality. We are so much more than we have been led to believe! I see the uniting of the shaman and the artist to bring about healing, regeneration, liberation from fear - evoking of joy and love - as a sacred mission. Once again, our souls can experience the true deep laughter and pleasure of life.”



I can say with absolute clarity that working with Davide has been absolutely incredible! He is such a skilful guide, teacher, mentor and igniter of powerful magik. Working with Davide has revolutionised my life in so many way - my greater life potential, my writing and creativity, my business and my connection to the greater aspects of reality. His amazing art has literally brought dreams to life! If you are thinking of working with him, all I can say is don’t hesitate for a second, because this will be the best decision you have ever made! Thank you Davide for all that you are.

Skarlet Lu Realta, Writer, Teacher, Alchemyst, Adventurer

"Quite simply, there is no one out there like Davide. He exists as a potent example of the possibility we all possess, and yet most never even glimpse. Divinity. Magic. Alchemy. Working with Davide, I have witnessed true miracles, and with his loving guidance and powerful artistry, I have finally dared to walk the path of my heart’s truest desire. My soul’s purpose. His teachings and the energy he creates remain with me forever as a powerful presence in my life, challenging me, spurring me on to ever greater heights of wonder, reminding me that I need never settle for an ordinary life."

Phil Christensson, Singer/Songwriter