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Designer: Davide De Angelis


GUIDING LIGHT ACTIVATION & REGENERATION sessions are so much more than any form of conventional coaching, guidance or healing.

This is what it’s all about…

The focus is to assist you in the process of making a profound shift in your conscious awareness. This shift in consciousness will liberate you from discomfort and burden of living from the fear-based context of survival - what I call ‘The Command’. This is a profound gift to both yourself, those you love and ultimately the greater aspect of life.

Essentially the sessions work energetically - spiritually - magically - to activate in you what I call the ‘Guiding Light’ - a natural ‘Radiant Human Operating System’. This Radiance, or light intelligence sits within the core of your being, it is the universal orchestrating principle. In pretty much everyone, this miraculous living principle has been completely forgotten, hidden and overwritten by the relentless noise of deep, unconscious conditioning, trauma and entrenched limitations. 

Once the Guiding Light is recognised (re-cognitised), your focus will be to fully participate in your life, creating your life in evermore imaginative and unexpected ways. 

You will naturally experience your inherent capacity for fulfilment through the unfolding of your own unique pattern of life. This is important: your own unique pattern of life. Fulfilment arises as a consequence of living fully: it is an emergent phenomenon. It is a gift that’s delivered through the momentum of living.

The switch to a fundamentally expansive, radiant operating system happens completely naturally: mysteriously, although it appears to take place in time and its effects play out in time, it is not an ‘occurrence’ in time.

Please don’t mistake what I’m saying here. All your problems perceived or otherwise won’t disappear overnight. You will not instantly be transported to a shinning realm where all the vicissitudes of life have been wiped clean. To your surprise you may discover that you are no longer interested in such notions. 

There’s absolutely no way of telling what shape your life will take except to know it will always be better than a life run by the operating system of a limited, conditioned finite self: an unreliable system. 

You may discover that you no longer desire people and situations to be different. Instead, you will choose what you want to create. Your life, AS IT IS, shows up as the raw materials from which you can create what you want. It becomes fun to have all the wild diversity of your life to create with. 

You will be available for whatever shows up in your life. It will open like a flower: it will become fertile. Your actions, interactions, and the space you create – your participation in life – will fertilise fresh possibilities. 

You literally bring life to Life. This is the miracle.

Most people that come to these Guiding Light Activation sessions tend to laugh a lot more. They catch themselves struggling for no reason, trying to get something that they don’t even want. Laughter bubbles up, they stop and are gifted back their life in that instant. Some people I’ve worked with tell me that life itself appears to be laughing and once again filled with a magical quality; they feel curious and ‘light’ of heart. 

Over time, habitual, limiting patterns dissolve, you will increasingly be drawn to create and invent without the need to reference everything through a constructed, conditioned personality, the voice in your head.

Surprisingly, for some people, over time the voice in their head transforms into an ally instead of a goad. 

As a consequence of making this shift, you will soon notice a great cleansing is taking place. Your mind will be systematically cleansed of old resentments, regrets and the nagging misery of self-criticism and complaints about life. 

Your physical body will also undergo a shift. A greater sense of vitality and energy will manifest. You won’t need to go looking for this because it is simply a by-product of switching to a radiant operating system. You will choose health and vitality and create it through your actions. 

Over time, a very different form of persona or personality will emerge and be expressed as you, through you. Importantly, you will be able to enjoy it and fully express it. 

Paradoxically, you will feel more like you than ever, purely because something false and uncomfortable will no longer be able to block your natural light. 

This new form of you will have access to many more viewpoints and possibilities because it will be running what I describe as a ‘radiant’ operating system (The Guiding Light): a system of ‘being’ that constantly opens and fully embraces life instead of closing and restricting. 

The sessions normally last around an hour... possibly longer.

So…If you have a burning desire to experience and express something astonishing, don’t let the same old excuses - money-time-relationships - hold you back.

Most people arrive back in the hands of providence unopened, unexpressed. They never realise that it was actually easier to manifest something extraordinary - magical - rather than something steady and mediocre. 

Always remember, you can never lose when you choose to invest in YOU - YOUR LIFE! This is the most important investment you can make!

Your next step is to book your first session and start creating.

Once you have book, Davide's PA Maria will contact you via email to arrange your session. 

What clients are saying about working with Davide:

I can say with absolute clarity that working with Davide has been absolutely incredible! He is such a skilful guide, teacher, mentor and igniter of powerful magik. Working with Davide has revolutionised by life in so many way - my greater life potential, my writing and creativity, my business and my connection to the greater aspects of reality. If you are thinking of working with him, all I can say is don’t hesitate for a second, because this will be the best decision you have ever made! Thank you Davide for all that you are.

Skarlet Lu Realta, Writer, Teacher, Alchemyst, Adventurer

"Quite simply, there is no one out there like Davide. He exists as a potent example of the possibility we all possess, and yet most never even glimpse. Divinity. Magic. Alchemy. Working with Davide, I have witnessed true miracles, and with his loving guidance, I have finally dared to walk the path of my heart’s truest desire. My soul’s purpose. His teachings and energy remain with me forever as a powerful presence in my life, challenging me, spurring me on to ever greater heights of wonder, reminding me that I need never settle for an ordinary life."

Phil Christensson, Singer/Songwriter