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Designer: Davide De Angelis Visual Alchemy


My name is Davide De Angelis and welcome to my Starman Tarot Reading and Guidance page.

I passionately believe in the magical power of our creative spirit and its capacity to guide, shape and radically transform our lives in the most astonishing and inspirational ways.

As well as my work as an artist, designer and philosopher, I have been a creativity and innovation coach and a spiritual guide for almost twenty years working closely with my ‘Creative Alchemy’ and ‘Creative Power System’. I have also created and run highly successful courses on abundance and money  (Secrets of the Money Shamans) offered under my ‘Money Shaman’ banner. Alongside creating and studying the Tarot, I have an in-depth knowledge of shamanism, philosophy, the nature of consciousness, yoga and many healing modalities.   

I’ve now had the great privilege to coach, guide and work intimately with hundreds of clients, as well as teaching thousands through my online programs and courses. The Tarot and the role of the archetypes and the eternal energies and symbols it represents have been a constant source of both inspiration and wonder, helping to galvanise ideas, reveal beautiful new possibilities and dissolve limitations.

So as you can see, I have a very deep understanding of how to work intimately with people to help them make wise, empowering and enriching choices and take effective and meaningful actions.

In 2018 I released the internationally successful Starman Tarot, which was deeply inspired by my artistic collaborations with the iconic David Bowie. This artistic - and I believe spiritual manifestation - has greatly amplified the reading and guidance of not only my own tarot work, but many thousands across the world who are now using this deck as their main source of inspiration. I can safely say that there is nothing like actually creating an innovative tarot deck, to give you the most intimate view into the intricate and often miraculous workings of the tarot.

Throughout my life, I have been graced with many truly magical insights and experiences. One of my earliest memories as a small child was seeing radiant geometric patterns emanating from people, animals and plants. Years of living in the ‘normal’ world appeared to condition this out of me, until I experienced a very radical shift in my early forties, where this gift was once again activated. This has been a wondrous gift that enables me to view myself and others from a different context, uncovering synchronistic pathways and highly creative approaches to life and its rich array of challenges.

A powerful tarot deck in collaboration with a skilled reader, is something alive - a living system of exploration and discovery.

The Starman Tarot is a dynamic, artistic system that wants to grant access to something greater than ‘self’ or the ‘little mind’ so that we can step outside to normality and see things: directly experience life from a deeply magical perspective.

In a tarot reading we open the possibility of being gifted access to what I call the RADIANT MIND - the endless creative mind, or even the ecstatic mind from which all things appear and disappear.

Within this context, a tarot reading becomes a very powerful tool to help you gain access to your most powerful and potentializing actions and possibilities in any situation. Many creative-led entrepreneurs and business owners consult with me to energisze and clarify ideas and actualize new ventures. It’s a truly fun and inspiring process that yields amazing results.

I work with clients to gain clarity around important life situations and take empowering and enriching actions. I also work with people to simply give an added, creative dimension to their life.

I treat each session as a sacred act, taking great care to ensure that all my clients leave a session with effective and positively-focused action steps and understandings of the dynamics playing out in their situations and circumstances. Basically, the benefits of a reading play out across all aspects of your life, helping to you to live more fully and openly.


These days, I work online - normally through Skype - with clients all over the world.

You can either tell me the particular situation you wish to work with in advance and I prepare the reading so we can go directly to what the cards reveal, or we can work very creatively and spontaneously allowing the flow of the card spread to decide what dynamics need to be addressed for you: the cards themselves pointing to what specific area (personal or work or a combination of both) needs your focus.

A Tarot reading normally lasts for one hour.

After your booking is confirmed, I will aim to contact you via email within twelve hours to arrange a time for our live session to take place. You will have the opportunity to describe what situation you would like the reading to centre around by return email.

After your reading session, I will send you a photograph of the spread with your cards, so that you can refer back to them whenever you wish.

Many clients report a very tangible shift taking place soon after a session. This is because you have literally transformed your reality through your participation and openness to the wisdom and energy of the reading.

I invite you to BOOK NOW and begin working with this powerful, positively-charged and highly intuitive system of enquiry.