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Designer: Davide De Angelis Visual Alchemy

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THE RECONNECTION session is not like any form of conventional coaching, guidance or healing. You will get to see your life through new eyes. You will finally see the most alive and vital possibilities encrypted into it. Most importantly, you will be free to take action based on what you discover. 

The Reconnection sessions have a very clear purpose, which is to enable and empower you to create something that would never have been possible under your normal circumstances - to live from your highest creative expression. In essence you discover how to reconnect to the radiant, Guiding Principle of life, unplug from the default survival context, and create from this vital perspective. 

* We work together magically, artistically and philosophically (and any other way that arises) to uncover the most radiant opportunities that have been hidden from your view.

* We dissolve your biggest fears and limitations to give you unprecedented freedom in your life to fully express your most creative and effective persona.

* We have fun and delight in the unexpected.

* You get to be totally present and fully alive to the opportunity that life is.

If you have a burning desire to experience and express something astonishing, don’t let the same old excuses - money-time-relationships - hold you back.

Most people arrive back in the hands of providence unopened, unexpressed. They never realise that it was actually easier to manifest something extraordinary - magical - rather than something steady and mediocre. 

Always remember, you can never lose when you choose to invest in YOU! This is the most important investment you can make!

Your next step is to book your first session and start creating.

"Davide's work is potent visual alchemy" David Bowie

Once you have booked your session, Davide's PA, Maria will be in touch within 12-hours to arrange a date and time.

All sessions take place via Zoom. You will need to allow up to 1.5-hours of uninterrupted time.

Please note, this powerful and transformative work actually begins the instant to book your session.